Monday, 28 November 2011

City of Glass 2 -in progress 150 x 120 cms

Only one way to find out if Manhattan works better on the left!
I think the background will be a silvery- blue tomorrow. This might be a diptych, with this one as the left side.


  1. Such heat, lava, seismic tide, waves around the raised headland at bottom of island. Is it overwhelming, flooding over that squeezed fine reef of blue, fringing the island. Like the sense of perforation on RHS, torn out page ... re. the paperback novel inspiration? Balances, hinges ...

    Great to see all this on a blog, feels very happening, live process.


  2. Thanks for the comments Phil- not sure you are going to like the changes! the spots on the RHS are now more discreet, almost hidden now, essential if this is to work as a diptych. I have problem of not being able to put the 2 paintings together and see them as a diptych?
    I'll post image at the end of todays session, more- I'm looking fot way to impose the Tower of Babel into the painting, again it has to be subtlt and hidden in the spirit of the text.