Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Exhibitions

We are delighted to announce details of two exhibitions over the Easter period, where Ashley is the featured artist. Great Atlantic Art in Falmouth are exhibiting Ashley's 'Porthleven ' series in its entirety, (excluding any previously sold pieces) and Modern Artist Gallery in Reading are showing 6 of his recent 'Penzance' series.

Exhibtion at 'Great Atlantic Art'
'Porthleven 12' & 'Porthleven 5'
 Ashley works in series with paintings often feeding each other. He is very excited to be showing two important bodies of work simultanously.

Ashley comments 'In 1978 as a first year architecture student I saw a Peter Lanyon exhibition in Manchester which was instrumental in my decision to become a painter. My knowledge of contemporary painting was minimal but I sensed the power of the work and one artist's very personal vision of the world. His 1951 painting 'Porthleven' was always a favourite and it was inevitable that the town would become the focus of my first Cornish paintings.'

The exhibition at Great Atlantic Art, Falmouth runs until 28th April 2012. 
For more information about the exhibition and for a further insight to the work exhibition see

Ashley returns to the Modern Artist Gallery, Reading where one of the prize winning paintings from the 'Canvas & Cream' competition, 'Penzance 4' can be seen. Talking about this series Ashleys says 'What always intrigued me about Penzance was the oddness and purity of the house-shape of the inner-harbour.  I found echoes of the shape and its ‘zigzagedness’ in the warehouses and harbour buildings and throughout the series I explored the tensions and relationships between them.'

 The exhibition at Modern Artist Gallery, Reading is on until 25th April 2012. See link for further details

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