Thursday, 14 June 2012

New painting- 'City of Glass 7'

A looser painting- at first the black building dominates, with Manhattan more hidden, then the purity of the blood-reds and the angle of left lower Manhattan and the straightness of the avenues come to the fore, which in turn connect to the softer straight edges on the right side of the painting. 

This painting is raw and exciting- its innards are exposed and it shows how my paintings are made. Below is a studio shot at the Shire Hall in Bodmin with City of Glass 2,7 & 6. I will be there until Saturday 23 June if you would like to see the paintings.  The Canvas & Cream show in November is coming together- hope these 3 paintings can hang together like this.

'City of Glass 2,7 & 6'   

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