Monday, 15 October 2012

National Open Art Competition Private View

Ashley, Faye, Ollie & Denise by 'City Of Glass1' 
The whole family enjoyed a fabulous weekend in Chichester. Friday night we attended the Private View of The National Open Art Exhibition and were very impressed with the quality and diversity of work. Both Ashley and I loved the piece  'The Lacemaker' by Joy Wolfenden-Brown, a very worthy winner of The Towry Award for Best Work in 2012 . The show is on until 21st October and then transfers to The Prince's Foundation Gallery in  Hoxton, London 24 October - 1st November. There were over 2,000 entries this year and the judges selected around 95 pieces for the show. So well done to all the artists that made it, in the exhibition.

Ashley has been invited along to BBC Radio Cornwall, Tuesday 16th October at 3.30 to talk about his work and the exhibition, so tune in if you would like hear  more about his thoughts behind his paintings and his painting process.

Neil Lawson Baker of the NOAC with the opening speech
Faye & 'The Lacemaker' -top painting!

Jon Isherwood's 'Singer of Tales'
Our cultural weekend continued when we went to the Cass Sculpture Foundation park in Goodwood. It was magical seeing so many different forms of sculpture by so many artists all in one location. The landscape really worked the pieces with the weather elements adding another dimension to the work. Ashley particularly enjoyed seeing some of his friends work, Jon Isherwood and Diane Maclean. Ashley painted most of his 'Americascape' series in Jon's barn while he was in the US on his Boise Travel Scholarship from the Slade. The children even enjoyed themselves- it was a very different walk in the park!

Diane Maclean's 'Encampment'
Julian Wild's 'System No 19'

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