Saturday, 16 February 2013

'City of Glass 9- Fiction & Fact' - latest

Frustration!- this is so difficult to see.  I was hoping to be in a larger studio but it hasn't worked out.
Nevertheless, this is exciting challenging stuff trying to make this work as a diptych and read as an open book.  There is a beautiful symmetry and linkage between the curves of Riverside Park on the left painting and the curves of the east side of Manhattan in the right painting. The line where the 2 paintings join is so powerful. The piece needs a building, a Tower of Babel- there is the suggestion of one, with the ziggurat shape in the left painting but I might make more of it. The large tall vertical on the right side of the left painting represents Central Park but I'm thinking of introducing a similar sized block up the left side of the right painting so that the blocks read as the Twin Towers, exquisitly divided by the physical divide of the paintings. The painting needs a strong unifying horizontal- I'll make the pink horizontal of W100St pop up from behind the towers and either cut across Manhattan in the right painting or go behind, cutting the space and de-flattening the painting.  The pink dot is no longer an issue- it is an incident in the whole. The lines of dots/perforations will work better when they are more regular and properly lined up.

Still have the option to split the piece into 2 paintings- would welcome any comments about how it's working as diptych (or not)

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