Monday, 7 October 2013

Nine Artists in Porthleven - Exhibition Friday 11th October

This week we are very excited to be holding our first ' Freedom in Painting course in Porthleven' at the Lifeboat Art Studio.

Ashley has had a long affiliation with Porthleven which began after seeing Peter Lanyon's 'Porthleven' (1951) painting some 30 years ago. It was also the place that prompted our family move to Cornwall in 2005 and the inspiration for Ashley's first series of paintings about Cornwall with , currently 18 in the series.

We have 8 experienced artists  joining Ashley and they will all be working very hard, looking to push their work even further, taking inspiration from this magical location . The last day will be an opportunity to see and buy the paintings produced - Ashley is also hoping to make 'Porthleven 19' ( working in the evenings of course!) We do hope you can come along and join us!

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