Saturday, 21 December 2013

Canterbury Workshop - Exploring the Circle

Teddy Kempster

The group found our recent 'Freedom in Painting' workshop in the sculpture studio at Canterbury Christchurch University both intriguing and challenging.

In a series of exercise students explored the circle as a window, object,  sign, target, symbol and also as a circular space within painting before making their own interpretation of the circle. Ashley was very impressed by the strength and variety of the work produced over the 2 days, we hope you agree!
It was difficult to choose from all the wonderful work made but here is a selection of some of the paintings. Special thanks go out to Denise and Ruth for sending in the photos.

Denise Collar

I really did enjoy the recent painting course held in Canterbury last week and the experience has truly begun to liberate me into 'painting with freedom', Thank-you Ashley. The process which you planned informed us well before we began to paint and the structure of each session soon liberated each one of us into using paint to interpret the theme of the circle in so many ways. I could feel myself growing in confidence as the hours went by. What an intensive two days at an affordable cost and a really valuable investment of time for any budding artist who needs to discover their own direction,
Denise Collar

Linda Tucker

A mixture of inspiration, art, contextualisation, modelling and giving your all! I would give you a 1, that is 'outstanding' in Ofsted terms!
Linda Tucker

I've learnt  a lot more about mixing colour and documenting the mixes. Also I am much more confident about using acrylics. I really loved mixing and applying colour with the palette knife. Also I appreciate abstract art  a little more now. Lots of room in which to work - lovely!
Maria Welch

Rachel Wickremer

Maria Welch


Ruth McDonald
Sue Lock

Thank-you to everyone who came along to the workshop we hope to see you again soon.

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