Thursday, 4 June 2015

'City of Glass 32 - (The Apartment)' 60 x 80cms


Two joined-canvases again. At first the divide split the welcoming figure of Virginia Stillman in two, one side clothed, the other naked. The painting is much stronger as an empty space, the doors opening onto the Stillman apartment on E69thSt, where author-'detective' Quinn's assignment both begins and ends.

Janie asked me why the painting was pink, so unlike the darkness of the novel* Aside from there not being a pink painting in the series, the idea was to help disguise the naked figure of Virginia. Perhaps the colour alone is enough to suggest her presence.

The vertical lines and subtle horizontals cut the space, linking to the grid of New York and the other paintings in the series. The centre divide is Park Avenue and the intersection with the main horizontal- where wall and floor meet- pinpoints the location of the apartment on E69thSt.

Another painting inspired by 'French Window at Collioure' by Matisse.

* The New York Trilogy, a novel by Paul Auster

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