Tuesday, 14 July 2015

'Black Beach' 1991

'Black Beach'    60x60cms   oil on wood   1991

It's about time I put a painting up - 'Black Beach' won Second Prize at the Hunting Art Prizes, back in 1991, presented by Sister Wendy.  The painting went to Australia shortly afterwards, one of the girls who worked in the Mall Galleries where the exhibition was shown.  If you are out there please get in touch.  Still looks strong, one of my best pieces, I worked on it for nearly a year. Every mark belongs, a still centre, almost a still-life in a landscape. Beautiful blacks, all made. Innovative - I remember cutting and rolling/removing paint around the edges to make the frame- obviously influenced by Howard Hodgkin.   In the Observer, critic Brian Sewell commented that the painting  'looked like the tarred surface of a London street'. Still not sure if that's a compliment!

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  1. I love this painting and the way that every marks belongs, and the different shades of black. I also love your description of it - and I'm a big fan of your work anyway because I have always admired the way that the material quality of paint is part of your image, and every mark belongs. Best from Fiona. I hope this message doesn't come up twice, I was forced to post a second time as the first one seemed to get lost!