Saturday, 9 January 2016

'RED' Workshop, Canterbury Dec 2015

Red is passion, courage, revolution, luck, blood, sin, fire…..

It is scarlet, cadmium, crimson, pink, burgundy, red earth…..

Red gets noticed….

A very challenging and enjoyable two-day workshop at Canterbury Christchurch University.  Red means something different for each of us-  I'll let the paintings speak for themselves....

Estelle Jourd

Antonia Glynne-Jones

Philippa Langton

Heather Rachel Johnston

Nicola Waters

Robin Thompson

Aiden Flood

David Carnegie

Jo Rollnick

Mitzi Delnevo

Catriona Campbell

Jo Dunlop

Heather Rachel Johnston

Jo Rollnick

In the Studio

Colour studies

In the studio

There was another artist, Kathleen Alberter but unfortunately we don't have an image of her striking painting. Watch this space.

Here are a few comments from the artists about the Workshop:

'Really thought-provoking'     David Carnegie

'Well prepared. Very positive and helpful guidance'    Robin Thompson

'The individual comments on my work were really useful and insightful...Ashley's passion for art was unflagging and fed through to everyone'     Aiden Flood

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