Thursday, 23 January 2014

'City of Glass 16 - (Private Eye)' update, Thurs 23 Jan

Nearly there - one more session I think. Bad day yesterday, trying too hard after getting the rejection e-mail from John Moores 2014.  

The colours are starting to work on the right, with some new purple-greys and more intense greens and the switch from red to pink.  Love the reverse 'Z' towards the top. The top panel felt separate- it's now connected by the extension of the central vertical of Park Ave ending with concentric circles, which suggest the eye and repeat the motif of Columbus Circle. Maybe the 'eye' is too subtle, could be the glare from the lights. It was more graphic earlier, more of an image, maybe too powerful, the all-seeing eye.  I'll re-draw tomorrow, and make a decision on it's strength within the painting.

The novel is Quinn's story, the writer of detective fiction who becomes a detective. At the beginning of the story, Quinn muses on the triple meanings of the term Private Eye: 'i' for investigator, 'I' for the self, and 'eye' for the 'physical eye of the writer, who looks out from himself into the world and demands that the world reveal itself to him'.  The intersection of the main axis is the location of the Stillman apartment, where Quinn's life/role as a private eye begins and ends..... 

In a homage to Quinn (and author Paul Auster), the painting is now called 'City of Glass 16 - (Private Eye)'

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