Saturday, 26 April 2014


Tower Tripcych: 'City of Glass 16- (Private Eye)', 'City of Glass 17 -(Adam & Eve)', 'City of Glass 19 - (Park Avenue)'

The series started with a question: how do you paint New York? I found my way in with a novel, 'The New York Trilogy' by Paul Auster, but with this piece, a triptych of these three large-scale tower-shaped paintings, I think I've found the answer. It's a skyline- the paintings/buildings lie flat alongside each other but there is also a receding space as the island-shape of Manhattan within them gets smaller from left to right..... I need a big gallery to show them.  Exciting stuff....what do you think?


  1. It'a exciting, I agree. Also I agree with your daughter about her favourite! It's the colours, at least online. Question: has Paul Auster seen these?

  2. Hi Teddy, Thank for your comments- the colour online is pretty accurate! I am not aware that Paul Auster has seen the paintings but I post each images of each piece on the Facebook page run by his Picador, his US publishers. Be interesting to have a conversation....