Friday, 18 July 2014

'City of Glass 25 - (streets)' & 'City of Glass 26 - (avenues)'

A simple premise- a deconstruction of Manhattan, one painting showing all the horizontals/streets, another the verticals/avenues. Information fragmented/subverted, allowing the lines to be themselves. I spent a lot of time considering the shape within the shape, which fixed the scale of the lines and spaces between. I invariably see the female figure in the shape of Manhattan - explicit in this shared composition.   
'City of Glass 25- (streets...)'  70x50cms

'City of Glass 26 - (avenues...)'  70x50cms

An exciting shift: for the first time, the sides of the canvas, where I have marked out and numbered the grid, are integral to the painting, extending the idea of 'sculptural' paintings that have emerged this year in the 'City of Glass'* series.


'from 'The New York Trilogy' by Paul Auster

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  1. For me, Streets works especially well, not just as a "map." I simultaneously find myself looking down at the streets of Manhattan, the grates, etc, and also going IN to a mysterious space.