Friday, 10 June 2016

'Surge (Yellow & Blue)'

'Surge (Yellow & Blue)'    30x40cms

We're done. An hour of looking and I added the yellow-line (on the right-edge above). Perversely I put it in to make A work because I felt the heavy yellow was slipping out of the picture.  What it has done, for me, is to make the landscape less literal and strengthens the inner-frame.  The lumps and bumps in the yellow have shifted in the night!

the three paintings made in Open Studios



I feel very lucky to have had two fantastic conversations about this new piece today, with Janie M McDonald at our shared studio and with Yvonne McCann online, where I posed the question about which way up the painting should be And why. All four ways were shown. Once again their analysis and observations were spot on. Both artists highlighted the neccessity of having the heavy yellow at the bottom but differed on which orientation. 

Yvonne talking about 'B': 'I love how the sweep of blue between the two yellow masses sails down and out. The bottom yellow creates a powerful foreground mass pulling from the flat to the 3D and back again' 

I'm still undecided- the painting may need a mark, a touch to convince. Athough linked to Porthleven, with the oncoming tide pouring through the gaps between piers, this piece is more about the idea of harbour rather than a specific place. Of containment. Of fragility. Of futility even, in the face of stronger forces. In B, the fragility of the inner frame seems more prominent, but is it too obvious a landscape?

I have four more small canvases, 40x30cms, same size as this one. I feel a series coming on.

Another week of Open Studios- bliss.

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