Friday, 14 October 2016

New painting 'Porthleven 28'

'Porthleven 28'  50x70cms


A new photo with the Nikon - close to the truth.

This painting works both ways-perhaps as a portrait-landscape it defines Porthleven more with the harbour curving to the right, the distinctive flick outwards of the front pier...the rose fork, now more prominent, defining the gap between the pairs of a landscape, its more of a cubist space, with viewpoints intermingled, less defined...


A feeling the painting was slipping to the bottom-right corner- a few extra lines of movement lift the eye ...always looking for a stronger piece, tried something towards the end of the day- I might be will have to wait


I've described the end of a painting as a sequence of green lights, where each painting decision/action seems to be the right one and I think we are there or nearly there with this piece. 

A late night session after a couple of pints in the Ship turned this painting around.

I think the large angled yellow shape in the 'foreground'- a hint of image-  is a thing of beauty, its crisp edge and purity setting off the complexities of the paint and drawing behind.

The shape came from an earlier pink diamond, (below), which in itself came from a diamond-shaped patch of light on the studio floor.  It's sunny again- unreal. 

It's fantastic to able to look at the painting from 20ft away, with the soundtrack of the sea.

It's an art trying to get a good photo of a painting with an iphone!

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