Friday, 18 May 2012

'Truthville' (Day 2) 100x70cms oil on canvas

An OK day. I shrunk everything to move Truthville (orange dot) down a couple of inches, with a benefit of more space around the edges.  The dot is not as powerful yet as the blue dot in 'Hope Falls'.  I have discovered zinc-white which makes colours slightly more transparent. The right -side has been simplified and horizontals more subtle, now the angles are more prominent. Unsure about it though- the paint seems a bit samey and the colours too obvious,too known,too luscious.  Time for some serious looking and testing. The best thing is the curve at the bottom, following the curve of Long Island, doing a job for the painting and holding up Manhattan. Painting is starting to deflatten and space is becoming more interesting- the Tower is going in tonight to disturb the space even more and I'm going to take out take out the yellow/orange corner-it's one colour too many.

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