Thursday, 17 May 2012

'Truthville' (new painting) DAY 1

‘Truthville’ (on right) alongside ‘Hope Falls/hope falls...’ in the studio’ after first session.  I’m going to try and make them work as a pair/diptych.  Had a grey/pink colour-scheme in my head so mixed up a few colours before starting.  First thoughts:  simplify! The right hand side needs ripping up - too many colours, too many horizontals, too distracting.  Truthville (the orange dot near the Vermont border) is further north than Hope Falls (blue dot on left painting) so I am going to shrink everything in new painting by 10% so that dots are on the same eye level.  The 2 slightly different scales will also add an interesting element of discord to the pair. Could be a late night in the studio.

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