Saturday, 19 May 2012

Truthville (Day 3)

Too tired to work last night but might as well have - solutions for painting whizzing through my head. Getting there- the tower is a bit too graphic, I'll disguise it a bit. The ocean has real power and is overwhelming the southern tip of Manhattan. An apocalyptic feel to the painting now..The spot of Truthville balances now on top of the tower. Love how scale is undermined- a tower that big, a wave that big......Top of the painting next: it stops you seeing the tower.  Do I lose it and integrate it with colour into the rest of the painting or do I make it into a threatening sky? It's too horizontal- have to sort with a small block of angled colour  which should create a big diagonal.
Linked by the pinks, the states of  New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut on the right side have formed another mysterious tower-shape. Back to the studio to mix another grey for the sky using another blue. Lets see how what a difference Sennelier paints make to my colour- time to open the box as we get towards the end of the painting. If grey doesn't work I'll try a quieter pink. That yellow/orange corner still nags... might work better when I change the top.

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